Infusion/Injection Medications

Dr. Susko currently offers the following medications at his office:

  • Actemra®
  • Rituxan®
  • Simponi Aria®
  • Remicade®
  • Inflectra®
  • Orencia®
  • Cimzia®
  • Stelara®
  • Krystexxa®
  • Benlysta®
  • Prolia®
  • Zometa®
  • Reclast®
  • IVIG®

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“It can be a good tactic to look for doctors who teach other doctors. He also doesn’t hesitate to call on other experts when the need arises. I had an almost unheard of reaction to an osteoporosis medication, and he had it nailed down within minutes by making a call or two.”

Contact us if you have questions about our medications and infusion treatment.