State-of-the-Art MRI Scans in Santa Monica, CA


The “O-scan” by “esaote” is a state-of-the-art MRI machine that offers the most comprehensive image quality in the business. For more information, please click onto the link below:

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“It can be a good tactic to look for doctors who teach other doctors. He also doesn’t hesitate to call on other experts when the need arises. I had an almost unheard of reaction to an osteoporosis medication, and he had it nailed down within minutes by making a call or two.”

MRI Services and Cash Rates

Cash pay prices for those patients with or without medical insurance coverage are listed in the Cash Fee Schedule below. These prices are only offered when payment is made in full at the time of service. Cash, Check, or Major Credit Cards are accepted.

For insurance billing inquiries, please contact our office at (310) 829-5557

Extremity MRI
Upper Extremity - Hand (CPT 73218) $400
Upper Extremity - Wrist or Elbow (CPT 73221) $350
Upper Extremity - Bilateral - Hand $750
Upper Extremity - Bilateral - Wrist or Elbow $650
Lower Extremity - Knee or Ankle (CPT 73721) $350
Lower Extremity - Foot (Middle) CPT 73718) $400
Lower Extremity - Toe (s) (CPT 73718) $400
Lower Extremity/Bilateral - Knee or Ankle $650
Lower Extremity/Bilateral - Foot (Middle) $750
Lower Extremity/Bilateral - Toe(s) $750

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